Salman Khan is Bhai and Randeep Hooda is Bad Man?

Salman Khan fans are so eager to watch him again on the silver screen in the upcoming Bollywood film, Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai. But due to Covid-19, the shooting of the film has been cancelled at various locations. But it did go well in Mumbai.

Most of the films which were stated to release this month, March 2020, have been postponed with no definite dates yet. Shooting for all films have also been cancelled or suspended altogether. But still, we hope to see Radhe making it to the theatres during Eid 2020.

Fans might recollect that Salman and Randeep have worked together earlier too. They were seen in the movie Kick and Sultan. In both of these movies, he played the good guy but for Radhe, he is portraying the role of a baddie. It suits him well, don’t you think so? Though he has always turned down such roles, but for Salman, he agreed to do it.

“I respect Salman as a person and an actor. He has a certain way of working and since we have collaborated before, I am used to it and we had a lot of fun. I chased Salman in Kick and coached him in Sultan. This time, I’m testing him to see how much he has learnt from me as his character hunts for mine,” smiles Randeep.


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