Salman Khan is the highest paid brand ambassador

Salman Khan is the biggest star of Bollywood. Whether you agree or not is entirely up to you. Whatever he touches turns to gold. I mean even his worst films like Race 3 did good business. He continues to break records even with movies like Dabangg 3 which was ‘crap’ to say the least.

I am a fan of Salman for the last so many years now. I watched Maine Pyar Kiya back then (when it was released) and I was just a child at that time. I ran a fan site of Salman for quite many years, to be exact. But due to his PR team or some people related to him, I had to close it down. Don’t know why they did not want the website to stay alive. Anyways, that’s a different story.

So, as I was telling you about Salman and the brand associations. Just recently he became a brand ambassador of another company. Realme, a Chinese mobile phone company is his latest association. The company wants to increase its market share in India and who better than Salman to help them do it.

Fans of Salman Khan buy whatever he tells them too. Yes, that is not a joke, it really is so.

The ads have already started to appear and it is being said that a huge amount has been paid to Salman for this.

“Salman shot for the commercial at Mehboob Studio in Bandra last month. The superstar has charged a whopping Rs 7 crore per day for the shoot and it is being touted as the highest fee paid to a Bollywood star for a brand endorsement. However, knowing that he enjoys a wide fan base in India, the head honchos were happy to shell out the sum. Salman has also allotted four to five days for the brand’s next promotional activity, for which he will be paid the same fee.”

Now he is not only the highest-paid actor in Bollywood but also the highest-paid brand ambassador too (in Bollywood).


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