Salman Khan conveys PM Modi’s message of Namaste

The whole world is currently under the attack of the deadly virus popularly known as the Coronavirus or the Covid-19. More than 3000 people have died worldwide in just a few days. It spreads through small droplets when a person, who is already affected by it, sneezes or coughs. In short, the easiest way to save oneself from such viruses is to keep personal hygiene.

As the viruses and bacteria spread through touching too, PM Modi has asked everyone to do Namastey. In fact, many governments around the world have now asked their countrymen to follow the Indian tradition of greeting others.

Apna, Radhe Bhai – Salman Khan, has also asked his fans to follow the same. He says that in our tradition we do namaste and salaam. When the coronavirus will be over then we can go ahead and shake hands with someone, or hug somebody.

“Namashkaar… hamari sabhyata mein namaste aur salaam hai! Jab #coronavirus khatam ho jaye tab haath milao aur gale lago…”

If you are really concerned about the safety of your friends and family then you should start taking care of these little things. A lot. Let’s fight against this virus and keep everyone safe.


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