Salman Khan REQUESTS you to listen to him

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has made a request to his fans around the world to please listen to him, at least, and understand the HUGE risks on coronavirus and the dangers related to it.

Salman tells his fans to follow all the precautions that the doctors are saying and also follow the call of the government to observe social distancing at any cost.

He posted a video on Instagram where he can be seen applauding the people who are fighting the battle against coronavirus.

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Today I was watching the news and saw so many videos in which hundreds of people are still enjoying their life as if nothing is going wrong. They are taking bus rides, going to the office, driving cars, visiting the market and whatnot. We all need to keep distancing from each other.

He has also shared a news item from India TV.

Salman urged people to follow the government advisories, saying people are mistaken if they think they cannot contract coronavirus.


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