Salman Khan takes 18 retakes for a scene!

salman khan prabhudeva

Prabhudeva is directing Salman Khan yet again in his upcoming film titled, Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai. It will be releasing during the Eid period in 2020 and as of today, the shooting for the film is going on in full swing.

In a recent interview, the dancer-director Prabhudeva said that Salman Khan is actually a perfectionist and he takes as much as 18 retakes for even those scenes for which even 1 retake isn’t needed. Salman wants to make sure that everything looks and works fine and that is why he takes so many retakes, sometimes.

But… he said this for Salman in context to the dance moves and not about other scenes.

Now was he saying this sarcastically or generally? This only he can tell. What do you think?


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