Salman Khan WANTS new co-stars

salman khan

Finally! We have been waiting for this day to come and it seems that our wish is going to be fulfilled very soon. It is being reported that Bollywood actor Salman Khan now wants only new and fresh co-stars opposite him in his movies.

So this means that we might not see Sonakshi Sinha, Katrina Kaif and Jacqueline Fernandez working with Salman Khan in his future movies.

We all know that in Dabangg 3 we saw Salman with Sonakshi and newcomer Saaee Manjrekar. Now Salman Khan has seen that people love to see him working with new girls, or at least with those girls with whom he hasn’t still worked.

In the upcoming movie, Radhe – Your Most Wanted Bhai, he is being paired opposite Disha Patani. She did work with him Bharat, but that was a small song and dance role only.

Disha herself said in an interview that she was shocked to know she is again getting a chance to work with Salman Khan in Radhe.

“It’s the need of the times. I’m glad Salman has woken up to it. Audiences love seeing Salman on screen with any heroine, but the repeated pairing with a few actresses is now becoming slightly monotonous. Salman is now looking at coming together with heroines he has not worked with so far,” says one of the closest friends of Salman Khan.

Indeed he is correct. Seeing Salman with, like Sonakshi over and over again feels more or less like a daily TV serial on Indian television. The audience wants to see the variety and fresh pairing.

It is also well known that Salman Khan wants to work with Deepika Padukone, but she insists that she will only work when she gets a substantial role and not just another ‘Bollywood actress’ role. She is very firm in her decision regarding this matter.

Let’s see how soon we will start seeing Salman Khan being paired with new co-stars in his upcoming movies. But.. it will certainly take some time. How much? We can only wait and watch.


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