Salman Khan’s Radhe has the Tere Naam touch?

Salman Khan’s Radhe character from the film Tere Naam became a favourite with fans all over the world. If you remember at the time when the movie was released boys, young and old, used to keep the famous hairstyle of Radhe Mohan as shown in the movie.

Now since Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai is about to be released, on Eid 2020, we can be sure that you must be also very excited to watch the film.

Since the movie, Radhe is a remake of the Korean film The Outlaws, the makers of the film had to Indianize the storyline a bit according to the tastes of the mass audiences. For this, they chose to have the college politics angle as the backdrop of the film. Salman himself liked this a lot. But…

After the whole planning was done, Salman and others remembered that they had the same type of backdrop in the film Tere Naam. They were amazed that they did not realize this thing earlier. Since this was liked by everyone so they decided to go ahead with it.

Let us all wait for Eid 2020 to watch Radhe and hope that it will be a good and enjoyable film and will have absolutely nothing like Race 3 or even Dabangg 3, two films which were not good at all.


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