Sara Ali Khan & Akshay Kumar’s Atrangi Re – HUGE Age Gap

We have seen something like this happening in earlier films too, like Lucky – No Time For Love, starring Salman Khan and Sneha Ullal. That was one really strange type of a film. Isn’t it! I mean not the story or the execution, though it was also strange, but the huge age difference.

Now something similar is about to happen yet again. Yes I agree that such things happen in real life too. Young women/men date/marry older men/women. But let’s not talk about those things here at least.

Akshay Kumar and Sara Ali Khan will be seen together in a film titled, Atrangi Re, very soon. Sara will be playing a double role in this movie and she has bee paired opposite Akshay and Dhanush.

One interesting this is that Akshay Kumar is actually double the age of Sara Ali Khan, and ACTUALLY 3 years older than Saif Ali Khan, her father. This is like insane or what, I just don’t know. Again, such a thing happens in real life too, but still sounds crazy enough.

Sara and Akshay’s age difference is 28 years to be precise.

You might be thinking that why is there a need for such uncomfortable pairing in Bollywood movies? We have seen Salman-Sneha, Amitabh-Tabu, Shah Rukh-Anushka, and so on. The truth is that people like to see younger female stars. People are fine with older male stars but they want to see young ladies with these actors. And that is the reason for such pairing on screen.

No matter how much Bollywood directors try to bring things to ‘normalcy’ in all their films, they have to bow down to the interests of their audiences because after all they are the ones who will watch their films, and because of them the movie will eventually earn money.


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