Sidharth Malhotra dressing up for the man in the mirror?

Is it related to some movie? Or just like that? Sidharth Malhotra isn’t spending his days of quarantine like most of us, eating and sleeping.

Everyone who is currently at home due to the lockdown isn’t wearing their fancy clothes and just living their days with easy and comfy ‘home’ clothes. But Sidharth is dressing his best for the ‘man in the mirror.’

This is what Mumbai Mirror reported on this matter, Just wondering if it is only Sid and his tanhaayi, who clicked the pic? While on Sid and suits, his mentor, Karan Johar, let his twins into his closet, thinking they’d ooh and aah over his designer togs. Daughter Roohi didn’t care for them while son Yash insisted that his “Dada” wear “simple clothes”. Ouch!


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