So these are the fitness secrets of Kareena Kapoor

Even before Kareena Kapoor entered the world of Bollywood she was already a fitness and style icon for many. After she started working in films her popularity gained tremendously and girls wanted to achieve the same look and fitness level as that of Kareena.

Now, Kareena Kapoor has finally revealed her fitness secrets with her fans worldwide. In the past also you must have seen posts about her gym routine and more from her best friend Amrita Arora and her trainer Namrata Purohit.

Kareena is there on Instagram etc but she is not that active as other stars like Sonam Kapoor or Sonakshi Sinha.

She works out almost on a daily basis, but besides exercising she also takes care of the food she eats and also tries to maintain a healthy attitude towards life as a whole. When your mind is calm, then everything is going to be fine.

Kareena starts her day by drinking a glass of hot water, mixed with lime. Poha or upma is a must for her at breakfast.

She also avoids junk food and makes sure to eat homecooked food for lunch as well as at dinner. She has her last meal of the day at around 8 pm.

Kareena’s workout session includes battle rope exercises, kettle-bell squats, and boxing. She works out four days a week.


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