The self confidence of Hrithik Roshan gets him a mention in school books!

Yes, you read that right. Hrithik Roshan has indeed made it to the textbooks of school children. Hrithik has openly talked about his speaking disorder and how he overcame his shyness and the problem of stammering and became the person he is today.

A user on Twitter actually found this out, about the textbook, when she was feeling bored at home and decided to read the book of her niece.

“Felt bored, so I was reading a textbook of my niece. I was surprised to see this page. This is from the value education textbook of class 6. Who else can teach self-confidence better than him? Proud of you @iHrithik sir (sic).”

When Hrithik was a child, he struggled a lot due to his problem of stuttering. He lacked confidence due to this and was unable to talk to people. But with his determination and willpower, he overcame these problems and finally managed to get rid of the stutter and eventually worked really hard on himself and improved to become the superstar we know today.

The chapter in the class 6th textbook is named as ‘Self Confidence.’

Just a couple of days ago he stood up in support of a college student who was bullied by his professor because he too stutters. Hrithik gave a good reply to this professor and at the same time told the student that his problem should not stop a person from dreaming big and it is not his fault that he stutters and have this disorder.


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