Tomatina – the rain of tomatoes

As the month of August is approaching, so the excitement for the greatest festival of Buñol is soaring. The Tomatina festival is one of the most famous festival around the world, one of the reasons why the city of Buñol is known around the world. Held on the last wednesday of August, this is termed as World’s Biggest Food Fight drawing the attention of thousands of people from around the globe.

As per the last survey, in 2012 some 50,000 people were crammed into the narrow streets of this small city near Valencia in Spain swelling up its normal 9000 population. Due to this sudden inflation, there is a problem of lodging in the city. The solution to this problem that the people found was accommodating themselves in Valencia, which as stated earlier lies in the close vicinity of Buñol.

One of the stories of it’s begining states it started the last Wednesday of August in 1945 that happened when some young people were watching the Giants and Big-Heads figures parade. The young boys thought that they should have a place among the retinue of a parade with musician, Giants and Big-Heads figures all going in the front of them.

The energy with which these young people joined the parade made that one participant from the parade fall off. The fallen participant flew into a fit of rage, and began to hit everything in his path. In his vicinity there was a market stall of vegetable that fell victim of the furious crowd: people started to pelt each other with tomatoes and other vegetables until the police of the area put the mob fight to an end.

The following year, the young people decided to pick a quarrel by their own resolve and brought tomatoes with them. Although the local forces put a brake to  the early tradition in the following years, the young boys had already made history probably without realising it. The tradition was banned and was allegedly bringing bad blood in the city. But the general public voted and the festivities began once more with more number of participants and more frenetic feelings.

Due to the large population flock to the bijou city , there was a ticket system organised by the authorities. The festival today cannot be attended without an official ticket, which are available to the masses online. The hotels and lodges have come up with package deals which offer the visitors stay and tickets wrapped up in a offer that fits in their budgets.

Since the past few years another tradition follows the festival of tomatoes, The Official After Party. 2011 was the birth year of The La Tomatina After Party organised in the neighbouring town of Valencia. With 2000 people attending the party, it was filled with thumping tunes and cheap liquor. It was said that the party proved to be a perfect end to the perfect day. Since that year, The Official After party became as much tradition as the festival itself. The passes of the after party are also available to the visitors online.

Another tradition that precedes the actual celebration is the The Official Tomatina Pre Party. Organised at one of the finest terrace restaurants in Valencia, this party is just what the masses need to get in the mood for the World’s biggest Food Fight. The availability of pumping music and the booze is what sets the mood for the festival to follow.  Generally going on for 6 hours, the tickets are available on net for the masses from overseas.

The last type of party includes a 3 hour long cruise along the Mediterranean coast, a sunset boat party, named as the La Tomatina Boat Party Valencia. There is also an availability of pitstop in which the visitors can have a refreshing swim in the sea. The foods and the drinks are included in the charges of the tickets and this poses as once in a lifetime kind of an experience.

So people hurry up and book the tickets before the time runs out to the Biggest Tomato Fight you have ever seen.


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