Top 5 Hotels For Solo Travelers Around The Globe

We have visited several places with our friends, family, spouse etc and there is no plausibility about the fact that we have enjoyed a lot, had plenty of memories with the pictures on the board. Have you ever caught a thought of traveling alone to the somewhere beautiful land of seclusion, calmness and all occupied in oneself?

Traveling alone gives oneself the feeling to meet the person in himself. It gives a kickstart to the voyage where one can know himself/herself and completely and one can know how to enjoy the solitude with the calmness. A walk under the stars, along nature with the bloom of flowers. For solo travelers, in addition to calmness to the mind, it acts as a medicine to the soul.

Chirpy vibes from the world will motivate you with the songs of the birds, the enthusiasm of the surrounding tourists and the zeal of the sky.

Along with the above benefits of the solo traveling, hotels have taken an initial step to make your stay more comforting, more relaxing, more luxurious.

  1. The Cullens (Melbourne, Australia)

‘When name itself holds an artist in it’, The Cullen. The idea behind the name came from ADAM CULLEN. The rooms in there define the art of Adam Cullen where art series bed are placed in spacious, stylish, luxurious rooms.

Like the name holds the power in it, the hotel holds the eye-catching artwork on the walls of the room. There are two restaurants which have food that is appealing to senses and a bar. Shopaholics will enjoy the Prahran location, opposite food market.

It is an amazing hotel from every point of view, be it eco-friendly ways of less consumption of air conditions, the greenery, the green and organic food used etc. Besides this, it has a big playground for various activities.

2. Iguana Lodge And Beach Resort (Costa Rica)

Situated in ecologically rich regions, Iguana Lodge is a beautiful place to stay. Swanking about the place with no televisions, no air conditioners, hair dryers, there is natural beauty all around you. This place has been visited by many groups, couples though, it is also frequently visited by various single travelers from different areas of the world. This lodge is situated at the edge of rainforest with the energizing view of uncrowded and beautiful beaches.

It has got new tennis court in there. beaches nearby have various activities like volleyball, riding etc. It has got various adventures through Osa – ‘including jewels of Costa Rica’. It was 55 feet deep chemical free pool, tricked out jungle spa.

With the numerous facilities, it is a perfect place for the solo traveler.

3. The Body Holiday (St. Lucia)

It is health and fitness resort. It owns a beautiful view of islands, luxurious resort, and personal wellness from their number of facilities. The promised island, the continuous rainforest, tennis court, swimming pools with crystal clear water, the eye-catching glamour of the beaches.

It has numerous varieties of food and food is very important to be healthy and completely opulent for staying in.This resort has natural waterfalls, many places to visit nearby from pigeon island to yachting activities.

4. Ace Hotel (Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, London, Panama, Palm Spring and New York)

Ace Hotel is one of the finest hotels for solo travelers around the world. It is located not only in London but also but has properties in Portland, Palm Springs, Seattle and New York.

Different properties have different areas of opportunities. If one is near the market, other is located at the center. This hotel is designed in such a way that it comforts and completes every luxury of visitors. Their furniture is made in accordance with public spaces so as to give the guests an eye-pleasing effect.

Its all like an abode in the new land.

5. Hotel Canal Grande (Venice)

Though this place is known for lovebirds, it is a phenomenal place to visit as a solo travel as this place is a house for world-class museum and winding canals which are observed minutely when you are alone. There are beautiful, spacious rooms which are too comfortable for one person to stay in. They have amazing food out there, from morning breakfast to the dinner at night with quite friendly staff.

Hotel Canal Grande is a place where you can have relaxing, chilling time after a tour as it has the beautiful view from terrace along the canals. This hotel is definitely worth spending in every term either its money or time.


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