Trollers strike back… Deepika Padukone is the victim AGAIN!

In the last couple of years, after Jio became this huge internet provider, people seem to get affected and offended with every little thing and just about anything. They just want to live a carefree life and without any kind of rules. Some people go online just to make fun of others and troll them.

It had happened earlier too and now again it is happening, with Deepika Padukone.

Deepika recently shared a look of hers from the film 83, which stars Ranveer Singh who is portraying the role of Indian cricketer Kapil Dev. Deepika is having a guest appearance in the film and she is playing the role of Romi, the wife of Mr. Dev.

She shared a post on her social media accounts and wrote, “I’ve seen very closely the role a wife plays in the success of her husband’s professional and personal aspirations in my mother and 83 for me in many ways is an ode to every woman who puts her husband’s dream before her own (sic).”

Obviously many people did not agree with what she has to say and went ahead to comment with ‘trolling’ as their main objective. I am taking her side or anything like that, but people should really calm down and just give it a thought before they start bashing someone online and offline too.

A person had this to say, “If iconic women like you choose to play roles like this that glorify men’s dreams over women’s, then the whole point is lost isn’t it madam? This is not an ode. This is another justification of patriarchy.”

Another person tweeted, “Women who’ve had to put their husband’s dreams before their own deserve an apology, not an ode.”

I just want to ask one thing from all these people… What is wrong in playing the role of Romi in the film? Deepika is just portraying what actually happened. Hundreds and thousands of women all over the world support their husbands, so does that mean that all of them are doing some kind of a bad thing!

People just need to calm down. So much hate comments and whatnot. This is not right.


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