Varun Dhawan – Natasha Dalal’s wedding cancelled?

These media people are always behind the Bollywood celebrities and seriously doesn’t even let me be at peace. Now this report of the wedding being cancelled, Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal, has been made into a huge news item. But is there any truth to it?

Media has been reporting that due to coronavirus the wedding plans have been cancelled which was to take place in June 2020 at some destination in Thailand.

Dhawan’s are obviously very angry with all these rumours being circulated.

A source very close to the Dhawan’s said, “Shaadi bhi fix kar di, wedding date bhi, aur venue bhi without any confirmation from the family. And now they’re cancelling the wedding too, on the family’s behalf. Arrey bhai, where is the question of cancellation when there were no wedding plans in June in the first place?”

According to the rumours flying around, the Dhawan’s have asked for a refund of the money paid for hotel bookings for the wedding in Thailand.

“Please, Dhawan parivar ko refund ke receipt bhi dikhado,” laughs a friend of the family.

The truth about the Varun-Natasha wedding is, there is no wedding in sight yet. And in light of the current crisis, it will definitely not happen this year.

David Dhawan says, “Kaun si shaadi, kaisi shaadi? Media ne date bhi pukki kar di? Jegah bhi chun liya. Jegah cancel kar diya. Abb Varun ke bachchon ke naam bhi bataa hi dalo.

Hahaha… this whole thing is so funny. No doubt that most of the media persons are not more than a comedian and fake news circulators.


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