Vicky Kaushal is going to do this when lockdown is over

Almost every Bollywood actor is active on Instagram and Twitter. Vicky Kaushal is one of these actors who is keeping people aware of what he is doing these days staying at home. Currently, he is staying with his parents and brother.

In a recent online interview he was asked about what is he going to do when the lockdown is being lifted. To this question, he answered that he would meet all the people with whom he works. Not only that, but he is also going to take out his car and meet all his loved ones.

Vicky was also asked if there is someone special whom he is going to meet for sure? To this he replied, laughing, that he is going to meet everyone. The interviewer was asking about Katrina Kaif.

What is he doing during the lockdown? He is spending his time talking to friends, watching TV and web shows, and working out.


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