Villagers rename their locality in respect of Irrfan Khan

Irrfan Khan was and will always remain one of the finest actors Bollywood has ever seen. He has worked in a number of films like Paan Singh Tomar, Hindi Medium, Qarib Qarib Single, Jurassic Park, and many more.

He was a star in real life too. You will be glad to know that the villagers of Igatpuri, Maharashtra, have decided to rename the locality where the farmhouse of Irrfan exists as Hero-Chi-Wadi (neighbourhood of a hero) in respect as a tribute to Irrfan Khan.

It is to be noted that very few people get such type of love and respect from common people. The villagers were quite grateful to Irrfan as he has done a lot for them. He has gifted them an ambulance, raincoats, books, computers, and other things. From time to time he used to send warm sweaters and sweets during festivals.

The villagers also believed him to be their guardian angel as he never refused anyone when they sought help from him.

Irrfan Khan expired on 29 April 2020.


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