The romantic getaway: A weekend in Montreal

One of the most love drenched place that Nothern America has to offer, Montreal, is an unequivocal option while choosing a weekend getaway. Complete with romantic dinners, historic attractions, shopping and show this is the perfect place to visit with your significant other.

In the vicinity lies the majestic Notre-Dame Basilica in the region of Old Montreal, giving the city a beautiful historical touch to enhance the beauty manifolds. Other attractions include sample chocolate at Atwater Market and an array of modern art galleries and boutique shops lying close to the Griffintown.

Clearly, the second largest city in Canada is a city where two worlds meet, the confluence of the present and the past in front of one’s eyes is indeed a sight to see.
Planning a trip can be a task that requires a lot of planning, but we are here for your aid.
Read on to find everything that needs to be known about Montreal.

  1. Accommodation: Where To Stay

The place you stay at makes up for quite some experience of the trip. That makes it very important to choose your accommodation in a better manner. Following is the list of some of the most preferred places to stay according to the reviews

Le Saint-Sulpice

Flaked between the beautiful Rue St. Paul and the Notre-Dame, this is one of the most strategically placed hotels one can find. This place has a number of suites, suiting the guest’s choice of staying.

The most luxurious ones include a private terrace and a built-in fireplace forming a perfect place for a romantic getaway. Some other amenities include Espresso coffee makers and the other products such as the L’Occitane en Provence making. Sinclair Restaurant serves contemporary French cuisine in a modern setting.

The room prices start at around $139 per night

Contact details are given below

Hotel Address: 414 Saint-Sulpice, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2V5, Canada
Phone number: 00 1 514-612-2940


Hotel Le St-James

A luxury hotel, Hotel Le St- James, houses 60 guest rooms and suites portraying a beautiful range of unique artwork and fine goose down comforters and Fretted linens. Dating back to 1870, this place is one of the most romantic accommodation one can eye in the city.

Couples can receive side-by-side massages along with a choice of stone therapy and selection of body treatments. The price of the rooms starts at around $290 per night.
Contact details are given below

Address: 355 St Jacques St, Montreal, QC H2Y 1N9, Canada
Phone number: +1 514-841-3111


Chez Swann

A playful boutique hotel, Chez Swann, is located in the downtown of Montreal. The decor of the main hallway of the hotel holds huge chalk mural in the lobby, local art, and futuristic lamps. The bathrooms of the hotels are provided with two water columns making them perfect for the couples.

The hotel has the typical romantic night with a diverse selection of wine and popcorn nights making it an ideal place for the couples for staying. The room charges start from $129 per night.

Contact details are given below

Hotel Address: 1444 Drummond St, Montreal, QC H3G 1V9, Canada
Contact number: +1 514-842-7070


2. Restaurants: Where To Eat
Food is another big determinant in the success of a vacation, therefore the food you have is another important thing to take care of. Some of the best restaurants the place has to offer is written below.

Le Club Chasse et Peche

The menu of the restaurant brings to mind the phrase “Hunting and Fishing Club”. Thought the menu may seem to offer comparatively simpler dishes, the server is trained to be aware of the consistency of each dish and describe it in deep detail to the guests, giving a lot of focus on the course selection and the wine pairing along with the food. The dining here is authentic and is indeed a fine restaurant

Contact details are given below

Address: 423 Rue Saint-Claude, Montréal, QC H2Y 3B6, Canada
Phone number: +1 514-861-1112



This the place one goes for unsullied french food. The 25-year-old French bistro, a favorite among the natives it is an honest and unpretentious home of quiche jambon fromage, soupe de Poisson and a delicious staple, croque-monsieur. Being such a famous place it is advisable to make reservations of the seats beforehand.

The contact details of the place are given below

Address: 3927 St Denis St, Montreal, QC H2W 2M4, Canada
Phone number: +1 514-845-5333


Titanic Sandwich Shop

This is the most beautiful quaint place one can visit for a satisfying lunch while meandering in the streets of Montreal. The place is home to freshly baked baguettes with a filling of sumptuous combos including coarse country pate and green peppercorns, with an addition of smoked ham and brie, and roast pork and the specialty chutney. One thing worth noting about the place is that it closes at 4 pm every day.

The contact details are given below

Address: 445 Rue Saint-Pierre, Montréal, QC H2Y 2M8, Canada
Phone number: +1 514-849-0894


3. Thing To Do

Now finally when the necessities of food and accommodation are looked after, one finally looks for the things he can do in the vicinity. Being synonymous with love and romance, Montreal is one place which holds many activities one can cover with the significant other. Here is the list of all the must pursue the activity in the vicinity

Shop Old Montreal

Lined with the architecture of 19th century, this place constitutes the tourist heart of the place. Rue Saint-Paul fashionable streets hold unique boutiques like Appartement 51, Reborn and Mona Moore pose the perfect spots to just roam around for the purchasing of souvenirs for the friends back home.

Mount Royal Park

Designed in 1876, this is one of the best jewels of the Montreal park system. The work of Fredericl Law Olmstead, this is located in the heart of the New York’s Central Park. This is the perfect romantic getaway for the couples as this place is full of monuments, lookouts, and picnic spots. It poses as the best place to spend a lazy summer afternoon walking hand in hand.

Contact details are given below

Address: 1260 Ch Remembrance, Montreal, Quebec H3H 1A2, Canada
Phone number: +1 514-843-8240

After Dark

On the eve of every Sunday night, the city celebrates the approaching weekend with the stunning fireworks. Held on the top of La Ronde, the shows begin around 10 pm and the best view can be observed from the Clocktower present on the east end of the Port. This is one of the most cherished activities by the couples in the city, being free of cost and spectacular, one could just stand and watch the lights take over the sky.

So, people, Montreal is the place to plan the long-awaited honeymoon.


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