Benefit of Weightlifting? Live a Longer and Happier Life

Weightlifting is basically the sport or activity of lifting barbells or other heavyweights. There are two standard lifts in modern weightlifting which comprise of the single-movement lift from floor to extended position (the snatch), and the two-movement lift from floor to shoulder position, and from shoulders to an extended position. Sounding simple, weight lifting envelops varied benefits which not only improve your health but, also helps in extending your life span.

To mention a few, we present to you 10 benefits which speak of how weight lifting helps you live longer and happier.

1. Improves the ability for daily work out: It has been scientifically proven that, weight lifting when done on a regular basis, it improves the ability of an individual for daily work out.

2. Fast-paced intense work out: Weight lifting is the perfect bag for all the fitness aficionados to work beyond their physical and psychological intensity to exercise efficiently.

3. Burn the fire inside you: To strive higher in life, the fire inside you must burn brighter than the fire outside. Weight lifting will help you keep inspired and motivated with the help of its well-tailored fitness regime.

4. Rise above the trivial routine with the dynamic workout: Weightlifting sessions involves a circuit of dynamic exercises, which is beneficial in keeping mind and body rejuvenated from the monotonous day – to – day routine.

5. Personal touch: Weight lifting has a sense of personal coaching by a proficient instructor who shall not only guide you regarding the circuit of exercises but, also be your nutrition advisor and source of inspiration. It is of major benefit to the adults, as the coach guides them with the best fitness regime in accordance to their age group.

6. Cardio fitness and body composition: Weight lifting is a great source for improving your cardio fitness and body composition and avoiding any sort of health problem in the old age.

7. A decrease in the risk of injury: Weight lifting helps in improving your reflexes and joint mobility which decreases the risk of injury in everyday life, and improvises health in the long run.

8. Style of life: Pave the way to a modern style of life through Weight lifting as its varied movements will fill you with an all-new enthusiasm and zeal towards life.

9. Improved life expectancy rate: It has been scientifically proven that people who do weight lifting at a regular basis have an enhanced life expectancy rat, in comparison to the people who do not work out.

10. Weight lifting is a way of life: Weight lifting is not only a treasure house of fitness but, it is also a way of life which helps in instantiating the stout out of you and prepare you for all the challenges that you encounter in your life. So, it would not be wrong to claim that weight lifting is life-changing.

So, it’s time to unleash the warrior living inside you which will help you fight all the atrocities that life throws at you mentally, as well as physically. Gorge on those dollops of calories, without adding an inch to your waist and stay healthy by adopting Weight lifting as a part of your life and witness the change. After all, the best project that you can ever work on is you, yourself.


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