When Kriti Kharbanda thought she had the coronavirus

Staying home and taking every precaution to save yourself and others from coronavirus is the best thing you can currently do. The same thing Kriti Kharbanda also did. She has been under quarantine for over 1 month now. Yes, that is true.

This is what happened. Kriti had attended the engagement party of her boyfriend, Pulkit Samrat’s (ex-husband of Shweta Rohira) brother in Delhi after coming back from overseas.

Just after the party, she had a cough and a cold. Thinking that it is not right for her to go outside, she decided to stay home.

“I was terrified I had contracted the virus but since test kits were not available in the country back then and I did not have a fever, the doctors asked me to distance myself from others and then keep a close look at my symptoms. I was paranoid for the 3 first days and then I started to feel a lot better,” says Kriti.

Kriti reveals that meditation has helped her a lot in keeping anxiety away. Also, Pulkit helped her a lot since then. They live in the same building now and this came as an advantage for both of them as they can be close to each other and take care of each other too.

She also said that she had all items in her pantry and that also helped her a lot. All that was required to be brought was fruits and vegetables which are available downstairs.

Kriti did the right thing of not roaming around but staying inside her home. Other people should also keep this in mind that if you are not feeling well and have any close symptoms of covid19 then you should too stay home and stay safe.


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