When Salman Khan & Arjun Kapoor CARS met!

By now everyone is aware that there is some major problems with Salman’s family and Arjun Kapoor. If in case you don’t know then let me tell you in short. It’s because Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora aren’t together anymore and they have divorced each other, and she is now with Arjun.

Do you know that Arjun always wanted to be a director but it was Salman who convinced his father, Boney Kapoor, that he sees a good actor in Arjun and he should become one.

Recently, Salman and Arjun met at a traffic signal. Sort of met you can say. Their cars halted next to each other during a traffic jam which is normal in cities like Mumbai, India.

Both their drivers looked at each other and greeted each other and also waved at each other. But both the stars did not bother each other. In fact, it was reported that Salman did look at Arjun, but Arjun did not do that either as he was looking away.

Arjun, you really shouldn’t have done that. I mean the whole Malaika episode. But again ‘taali ek haath se nahin bajti.’ She has also done wrong. Everyone was amazed to see the separation of one of the most lovable couples in the history of Indian cinema and it was extremely shocking news back then… even today!


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