Why Bollywood Heroes are never asked about Botox? – Raveena Tandon

Rarely do we hear such valid questions, like this one, Why Bollywood Heroes are never asked about Botox? But this time, Raveena Tandon wants to know.

Time and again we have seen that actresses are being asked about the assets but the same never happens with the male stars. So does that mean only women do that? Or males also go the ‘treatment’?

Raveena was a guest at the Kareena Kapoor’s radio show ‘What Women Want’ recently and that is where Raveena asked this question. Why is that only female actors are being asked about botox and surgery over and over again.

She also said that is it because that the male actors have found the fountain of youth and they don’t need anything to enhance their ‘youth’ or they might be drinking something that only men know about!

While chatting on the show, Raveena told us about how she once joked about the sequel of Andaz Apna Apna, where the original male actors will be the same but leading actresses will be replaced with someone else who is much younger.

In an another interview she said, “A lot of movies have been offered to me, but very few are the kind I would want to do.”

What do you think about what Raveena said about male actors? Is she right when she says that there is so much difference of opinion between men and women in Bollywood? Tell us in the comments below.


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