Top 6 Reasons Why Many People Feel Proud To Stay Single

Ever wondered why do people feel proud to stay single even when they can be in a good romantic relationship and get married? Our parents, relatives and the married couple always ‘taunt’ us that we should be married now and raise a family of our own.

Married couples/friends will tell you how good it feels to cuddle your partner after a long day of work. But not everyone literally lives for that. The people who choose to stay single want to stay that way because of various reasons. We want our life to be free of any complications and don’t want any life partner. It’s just better that way!

We live in a world, a society where everyone from our parents, relatives, and everybody else will constantly tell you that being in a relationship is a must to lead a happy life. But it isn’t true.

Attractions and more

The very first thing is that people generally get attracted to other people who are just not right for them. You can say that they are not ideal partners. It personally has happened with me that I have found love, not exactly, but then realized that both of us aren’t compatible at all.

This happens when you are attached to them emotionally and they are not emotionally available when you need them the most. And all this happening over and over again only makes you feel bad about it.

These are more or less distractions only and in turn, they affect your mental health and the ability to think about the things which really matter to you. Also, you lose focus on your personal life – career, travel, happiness and more.

Generally what happens is that when a relationship gets sour, we blame only on our ex-romantic partner. We never see that it might be our own problem too. Errors can happen on both sides. And due to this we feel broken by the failed relationship we have gone through. So people generally choose to stay single and on our own.

Intimacy and more

There is a vast difference between real love and fantasy love. We watch so many movies and TV series and Instagram etc posts these days that we flow with the fake stories out there at all times. This has made a ‘strange and fake’ impression on our minds.

Real love normally breaks the illusion, the world of fantasies that we have set in our minds and throws us in the reality of life. This becomes even more real when we start getting closer to someone we love.

So people who understand this tend to get afar as much as possible when they find someone who they start falling for. Some people go to the extent of mentally hurting the other person which is not right. A person should be straightforward about feelings and what they want or don’t in their life. Never hurt anyone.

Daily Life – Being Alone

People also don’t like to be in a relationship because they are so busy in their lives and daily chores that they don’t find time for all this. Being in a relationship means sparing time for your partner, going out for dates, spending time together, late-night talks and more.

People like me also don’t socialize that much and this generally leads to isolation To be very frank people like me like the company of our own self. We take ourselves to dinners, bars, going places, movies and more. Find it strange? But that is how we are!

Experiences and more

Heartbreak – One of the worst feelings ever. I said one of them, not the most. When a person is heartbroken he clearly losses all hopes that he will find true love ever again. And hence they give up. So to protect their own selves people choose to stay alone. Being alone is better than to feel broken.

Low Self Esteem

When you get out of a relationship more than once then you start feeling bad for yourself and also start thinking that there is something wrong in you. And this makes you start thinking more that you will never find a person who understands you completely. So instead of hunting around it is better to stay single.

Fun and more

Many people stay single because they want to have fun each day every day for the rest of their lives. To commit to someone is a big thing and not everyone is ready for that now or ever. And that is just okay. All you singles have to take these things lightly if that is what you have thought for yourself and your life. Being single is a choice and nobody has the right to take that choice away from you.

Some people want to have live-in relationships or one night stands, and that is fine as long as you both you and your ‘short term’ partner are fine with it and they know about it.

Every single person on this planet is not 100% good or free from any flaws. So live your life according to your own plans but remember never to hurt anyone, including your own self.

One more thing…

Being single is fine but just think about the later stage of your life. Old age. Do things according to your will but also take into consideration the time, the years when you will become old.

Earn a good amount of money and save it so that you can utilize it when you get old so that you have people to take care of you. I know this is kind of harsh but it is true. Every person needs someone to take care of.

So when you get old if you have money then only you will be able to hire someone to take care of you – helper, nurse, someone. One truth every single person should never forget.


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