Why is Aamir Khan trending now on Twitter for Dangal?

Today, 03 April 2020, Aamir Khan’s name started trending on Twitter without any logical reason. It all happened after Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist Wrestler, Babita Phogat shared a tweet.

Some people on Twitter found the tweet of Babita rather objectionable. It is to be noted that people on twitter seem to be affected by each and everything. It happened earlier too and will surely happen in the future too.

People who were affected by her tweet started writing that Babita’s claim to fame is only because of Aamir Khan’s blockbuster movie, Dangal. They also went to the extend of saying that people hardly knew her before that. This is too harsh.

Due to this reason, Aamir’s name started trending on twitter today.

Watching all this on Twitter might have been too painful for Babita and she tweeted a clarification and said that her tweet was directed towards those people who are attacking healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, police across various parts of India.

At the time of writing this post, I saw that the original tweet has been removed by Twitter stating “This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules”


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