5 Reasons why modern day relationships do not last

The modern-day relationships are a perfect blend of happiness, love, ecstasy, butterflies and er, breakups. Yes, you got me right. It would not be wrong to claim that relationships these days are more prone to breaks up than love for an eternity.

We usually witness people getting into a relationship for months, or maybe even years. But, as soon as you expect a wedding card, you get a split – up the news in reciprocation. Correct me if I am wrong, but according to a recent statistical analysis, 60% of the modern-day relationships do not tend to last. But, the question arises that why does that happen?

First of all, I would like to express my unfeigned condolences for your ill-fated love life. But don’t worry guys, stop disheartening yourself because we are at your rescue with five major reasons why modern-day relationships do not last. Also, please make sure to avoid these reasons for a long-lasting and blissful love life.

1. Not ready for true love: Most of us fall in love at the wrong place, with the wrong person and at the wrong time. Do not just rush to fall in love. It is a very tranquil emotion, which loses its grace if fallen into hurriedly. So, better analyze your relationship status with all your heart and soul for an alluring relationship.

2. The time factor: In the era of cut-throat competition, the majority of us are busy juggling a professional life with personal life. But, what is it that we are missing? The quality time with the love of our lives.

We are busy chasing our materialistic pursuits, leaving behind the spiritual and mental satisfaction. No matter how busy you are, just make sure to manage some time for your loved one because they are the ones for whom you are making all those efforts.

3. Friend-zoned: Friendzone is certainly the next level of break up, and we could not afford to miss on this one. Are you one of those heaven-sent swimmers in the pool of men being friend-zoned?

Being precise about men, as the ratio of being friend-zoned is 90:10, for men to women. So, are you the friend-zoned guy? Be there for her, definitely, you should. But don’t be her puppy who is available at the back of her call.

When she suddenly wants to talk to someone in the middle of the night. You’re not just someone. Set your priorities right. Don’t be the admirable guy, there’s nothing wrong with being nice. But, never try imitating to be like her ex-boyfriend.

There is a reason why it didn’t last. Just be yourself, she would appreciate more if you would be real, other than the replica of her ex-boyfriend who seemed to play the cards right with all the positive traits. Keep this in mind, and you’ll reduce your chances to be friend-zoned by 80%.

4. The definition of true love: Love these days is no more known as the true feeling of satisfaction and state of ecstasy, rather it is dwelled with emotions of infatuation and sometimes, even lust.

People are not really in love with each other deeply, madly and completely. But, they are somehow in love with the idea of love. Now, how long can an idea last? Well, not for eternity at least. Please do not forget that love is a very pious emotion, which evokes selfless devotion and commitment. Do not synonym it with infatuation. It is an entirely different story buddy!

5. E for Evil: Why are we all these days so engrossed in the social media portals or other technological innovations for confessing our love life? I mean, if you love somebody just go and tell them straight away.

Uploading a Facebook or Whatsapp status might just add to your stress. Nothing compares to sipping the brews at your first coffee date or the early morning brisk walk with the love of your life while discussing your future plans in accordance with the priorities of both the ends.

We must not forget that love is a complete feeling which desires to be felt and not only spoken and maybe, that is what modern-day relationships lack at the most.


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