Will alcohol kill Covid-19 in stomach? Is Katrik Aaryan STUPID?


Kartik Aaryan started a new chat show, Koki Poochega. He is chatting with corona frontline warriors which includes doctors and nurses, and some of the people who have survived after being tested positive. But he asked one doctor, this stupid question.

A doctor, Dr Meemasa Buch, appeared on the show. So Kartik asked a question to her (also because hundreds of men want to know this too), if alcohol is consumed then will it kill the virus in a person infected with covid-19?

Hearing this question the doctor obviously laughed out loudly and informed him that this is nothing but a myth.

So if you were also thinking the same and taking it as an excuse to drink, then your ‘dreams’ can end here now. Be responsible and do not bring your immunity down by drinking alcohol.


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