Work Together – Co-working Office Spaces

Many Startups rise almost every day. Some do well and some don’t. That’s a fact and nobody can hide from it. But that doesn’t mean that there is no work or there are lesser ideas for launching a great startup of your own.

You might have heard of coworking spaces where people, freelancers as well as small companies, work together in one big office place. That is one of the latest and the most happening startup. To be frank, right now I am also sitting in one such place. It’s called as ‘innov8’ and is situated in Chandigarh. They also have more branches of them in 2-3 places and I have heard that they are opening more soon.

So what is this basically? Let us understand it and how you too can create one such Startup of your own.

Let’s admit that working from home is actually more relaxing. And almost free too. But the truth is that with time either you lose interest in your work or are unable to take your business to higher levels. A home office is a good thing. But again you are limited to very few people. The people you know will come to know about your work or the ones who see your advertisement on TV etc. But what about other people? Office at home will always remain a home office only. No matter how much you try you will never gain much publicity and clients generally take you for granted.

So to overcome this situation what can you do? You can open your own office in a market or office complex. But that requires a lot of investment. Money talks! That’s true. First, you need to look for a place. If you find it, you can’t afford it. And if you can afford it, you don’t like it. This has happened to me too. And there are various other costs too after you take up a place for rent for your business/office. This includes electricity, office boy and more costs.

So this is where coworking space comes. People want to cut costs and work efficiently. You provide them with a great working atmosphere, a place where they can work and at the same time don’t have to spend huge. Coworking Office Space is really that good.

Now let’s see what you can do to start this on your own.

1) Rent a showroom in some prime place. A must. It’s costly no doubt but it will get you the money and the income eventually.

2) A wide and spacious showroom is much appreciated for this purpose.

3) Hire a good architect and an interior designer to design a great working layout for your offices.

4) The office(s) will consist of separate glass cabins, working tables etc.

5) The design and layout is a vast thing. This actually depends on how good your interior designer and architect is.

6) Make use of every small space so that it is not wasted at all.

7) Don’t forget to create spacious and comfortable work areas for the people who will be hiring these from you.

8) You can Google ‘coworking space new york’ for some outstanding inspiration.

9) Don’t forget to take permission from the owner to rent out spaces for offices in your startup.

10) Do proper paperwork before you rent out the spaces to the people. Take help from a Lawyer for this.

In a coworking space/office seats and cubes are rented out. You can keep various rates according to the space. Like a lesser amount for per seat and double the price for the cube. It depends, actually.

Offer free electricity and internet connectivity. That is a must. Charge a genuine amount from everyone who is renting out space from you. The total money accumulated will be huge.

Other than workspaces you can also start a cafeteria with it. People love to eat and drink coffee/tea while they work. So this will help you increase the profits too.

Trust me when I say this that you will make good money and name when you launch this Startup. It’s all about where its located, how well it is designed, how spacious it is… That’s about it.

How do you find this idea? Do let me know in the comments below.


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